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blocking number


blocking number

ive had this guys text me like 20 times in the last 10 mins asking for his friend and that i was messing with him and to tell me were he was i was looking at the manual and it doesnt say anything bout that is there a way to block number and if so would u guys tell me



P.S. its a rumor

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Re: blocking number

Call Barring is the ability to restrict inbound or outbound calls from the actual phone. The Sprint network has no ability to block individual calls. Either all calls are blocked or none are blocked. This is a feature of some CDMA phones and may not be available on all devices. Functionality will vary from model to model but may include the following Call Barring options.

Inbound Calls.

Outbound Calls.

Special or Private Numbers.

Phone Book.

This functionality is typically found within the Security menu on the phone.

Journeyman MDG

Re: blocking number

However, you can block text messages from a particular number. Log into your Sprint account page. Go to "My Online Tools", look for the Text Messaging box and click the blue link that says "block text messages" Add any numbers you wish to block.


If your phone will not let you block a particular number in the Security features on your phone, I have heard of people listing the number that keeps calling in their contacts and assigning a silent ringer to it and letting it go to voice mail.

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