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problems with LG Vigors


problems with LG Vigors

On my line i have 2 LG vigors. We have gotten 3 brand new sets of LG Vigors due to having issues. The phones will freeze up, not want to charge, drop calls and not receive texts, take you out of apps, go into apps you dont click on, ive had my phone freeze at 3% over night and phone was still froze when i took it into the store the next day, we aren't eligible for upgrade untill 2017, and have been told that there have been many people call and complain about these phones PLUS get told that on the 2nd time of having problems that they are mailing us totally different phones. But was lied to and got mailed the SAME exact phones!!! How can we get out of these phones completely without having to pay a lot of money??

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