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rumor touch shutting off on its own


rumor touch shutting off on its own

so my phone keeps turning off on its own for no reason i dont know if its has anything to do with the updates or anything but it does it alot and it happends with my two friends who have the same phone as me a rumor touch... is it just ours or is it everyones is the phone broken or whats going on with them?

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Re: rumor touch shutting off on its own

I would first start by erasing all your text messaging, picture messages, and emails off your phone that you do not need.  If your friends phones are doing the same thing and you all have forwarded text messages or media files that could be the cause.  It sounds like something may have gotten into the software of your phone which is why the phone is  shutting off randomly.   If that does not fix the problem then take the phone to your nearest service & repair center the device may need to be reset back to the factory default settings.  If you have TEP then there is no charge to look at your phone but if not then there is a $35 non-refundable fee.  I hope this helps

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