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still waiting


still waiting

Im still waitin for a superviser to call me back almost two hours later n no call back im gettin pissed even worse n ive already looked into new phone plains noone can help me the right way and is treating me like im dumb ive seen other ppls problems with the same phone as mine n yet there gettin the help ive been fightin for two weeks and still nothing


Re: still waiting


I apologize for any late response time. Let me fix this. Let's start at the beginning. Tell me what happened.

Sprint Social Care

Re: still waiting

The superviser i was talkin to said hed call me back n i never got a call so i called today n got sent to 4 differnet ppl pluse one was a superviser they still didnt do anything all over no insurance on my phone im gettin fed up with it all y cant anyone do there jobs im a new customer n i shouldnt have to be dealin with this at all..

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