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texts with pictures and music


texts with pictures and music

I have a friend that received a text message with music and a title.  When she forwarded it to me, all I got was the Picture at first but when I go out and look, there are 2 other files with the music and title there that I have to open seperately.  Can I not see the message as a whole like she did?  I have a rumor by the way...


texts with pictures and music

There are quite a few factors that determine how a message appears.

Which phone does your friend have and is their service with Sprint.  Different phones prepare and send messages differently and this is especially true with intercarrier multimedia messaging.  These variables are even more likely to cause the type of issue you had when the message is forwarded as the formatting will not carry forward a high percentage of the time.

So, to answer your question ~ No you probably cannot see the message the way she did. It is not so much your phone as it is all the other network factors involved.  Also I apologize for the length of time it took to answer your message.



OKC Sprint Tech

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