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Edit Your Home-screen Tip - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador


One of the things I love about Android is the ability to customize my home-screen the way I want it. Here is how to edit the home-screen on your LG G Flex 2. The LG G Flex 2 can have up to 7 home-screens plus the LG Health/Tips screen. If you want to add or remove home-screens or set your home-screen, here are some screenshots from my LG G Flex 2.

Delete 1.PNGHow to remove extra screens or remove one to start from scratch

  1. From any screen, pinch the screen together with two fingers diagonally to display thumbnail images of all screens.
  2. Long press on the screen to delete until Remove appears
  3. Drag the screen up to remove it

delete 2.PNG

How add more screens

  1. From any screen, pinch the screen to display thumbnail images of all screens.
  2. Tap the Plus on the screen to add up to 7 screens total
    • This is how to add the G screen back if it was accidentally removed.

Now, you can add and remove screens how you want to customize your LG G Flex 2 for how you want to use it. I have only 3 screens + the LG screen with LG Health and Smart Tips.....

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