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Not all cases are the same for LG G Flex 2 - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

OEM case.JPG

The LG G Flex 2 is a beautiful phone in Volcano Red and I hate having to put a case on it. The first thing I did when I found out I had one coming to test and write about was order a case for it. I have 2 little kids and getting in & out of my truck my phones have a tendency to fall. I ordered a generic case that looked like the LG Quick Circle case and used it until I received my LG case.


This generic case looks very similar to the LG OEM case with a few exceptions.

  • IMAG0035.jpgCircle window had a plastic window I had to cut out to make the window fully functional
  • Battery cover did not have to be removed and case provided full protection all around the phone
  • Magnetic connectors to help keep the flip closed and I liked that part of the case
  • Back of the case is cut out around camera, volume and power buttons
  • Branded with LG G Flex 2 like OEM case
  • Has card holder on the inside of the case
  • Loose the beauty of the volcano red of the phone

So the generic case is very similar to LG's case, although it still lacks some of the advantages of a case from LG.

IMAG0028.jpgLG Quick Circle Case in Volcano Red:

  • IMAG0027.jpgNo modification to the case required
  • Removed battery cover to install
  • All 4 corners are well protected by the case
  • Maintain the beauty of the Volcano Red back self healing back cover
  • Made to fit the LG G Flex 2 without a large cutout in the back
  • Full functionality of the Quick Circle window and you the ring in the window lights up depending on your background - cool factor
  • Feels better in the hand than the generic rubber case

After reviewing and trying both cases, I am sticking with the LG G Flex 2 Quick Window case from LG. I like the feel of LG's case better than the generic case. The generic case was a good case to keep my phone protected until I received my OEM case, I just prefer LG's case over the other for myself.

Visit a Sprint store and check out the LG G Flex 2 for yourself along with the LG G Flex 2 Quick Window case.



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