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Smart Cleaning with the LG G Flex 2 - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador


Storage for me is important because I keep a lot of data on my phones. LG has a program available on the LG G Flex 2 to help keep your LG G Flex 2 running lean and use the storage on the phone wisely. I do have a 32GB Samsung EVO Class 10 microSD card installed even though the phone has 32GB of storage on it already.


A few years ago I hardly filled 32GB phone with anything. Now, I have 2 beautiful daughters and I will keep a Digital Copy of their favorite movies on my phone. Watching a movie on the Flex 2 is great although I have to make sure I keep the system clean with enough space on the phone.

I have had friends suggest apps for keeping my phone clean and remove junk files when an app is uninstalled. The problem is 3rd party apps can cause a conflict and I always prefer to try OEM apps first.

The LG has Smart Cleaning available on the LG G Flex 2 and it is very easy to use and I have a short video on how to access it....

That was a short video because it is very easy to use..... if you are unable to view the video. Here are some screenshots showing where to locate Smart Cleaning on your LG G Flex


Check out Smart Cleaning to see if you have files from web browsing and downloads that are no longer needed taking up valuable space on your LG G Flex 2! Please review what you are cleaning because once removed, it is gone and this does include apps.



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