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Sprint Product Ambassadors: 11 Tips and Tricks for the LG G Flex2

Sprint Product Ambassador


The PA team has already been singing the praises of the G Flex2 over the past several weeks and it seems folks are getting settled in with what some are calling the Second Coming of the Banana Phone, but there's always more to uncover and so we present you with 11 Tips and Tricks for the Flex2, courtesy of our friends over at Digital Trends (source).

Tip #1:

Use LG Glance View to see notifications with a down swipe on the lock screen


DT: The G Flex 2 has a new feature called Glance view. Holding your finger on the display, and then swiping down will show weather, time, and notifications. It’s a nifty feature that allows you to preview more information. It’s good for checking notifications, but some will find that it’s just as easy to preview notifications with knock on. For those who are new to LG phones, knock on involves double tapping on your phone to get quick access to the lock screen.

Sprint PA Team Real World Input: This is actually way more useful than I thought it would be and is really good for being able to quickly see notifications you have without having to turn the screen on.  Great for quickly grabbing notification info when you need it.

Tip #2:

G Flex 2 picks up on gestures

DT: Try this: Open the G Flex 2’s selfie cam and make a fist. When the cam recognizes your fist, it will ask you to unclench your hand, and then take a selfie.

Sprint PA Team Real World Input: Besides the selfie fist trick, there are a number of other gestures available.

  • Answer an Incoming Call: During an incoming call, bring the phone to your ear to answer the call.
  • Fade out ringtone: You can set the phone to fade out a ringtone by picking it up from a flat surface with the screen face down.
  • Silence incoming calls by just flipping the phone over.
  • Snooze or stop alarm by just flipping the phone over.
  • Pause video by just flipping the phone over.

Tip #3:

Flatten It!

DT: LG says the G Flex 2 is designed to bend, but that’s not completely true. The phone can flatten to 180 degrees when placed screen down on a table, but this is more than just a good party trick. When you factor in the reinforced Gorilla Glass 3 LG made in its labs, the G Flex 2 amounts to a seriously durable phone.

Sprint PA Team Real World Input: It's probably NEVER a good idea to put a ton of weight on any curved phone to try and flatten it.  We highly recommend you DON'T DO THIS!!!

Tip #4:

Review Photos Quicker

DT: Positioning the camera close to your face after taking a photo will automatically bring up the most recent photo. The G Flex 2 has the same editing features as the G3, which means it’s even easier to take terrific photos without much practice.

Sprint PA Team Real World Input: This is a very cool feature, when you remember that it's actually there!

Tip #5:

Use two apps at the same time with dual window



The G Flex 2 allows users to run two apps at the same time, thanks to a special dual window mode. The dual window feature can be enabled by choosing Settings, General, and then toggling on the dual window icon.

Sprint PA Team Real World Input: Depending on what apps you use, this can be a very useful feature.  For example, email and You Tube I find very handy, but some people have all sorts of other ways they use this.  Some people never touch this at all, so it really depends on the user.

Tip #6

Quickly switch between three apps


LG’s Slide Aside feature allows users to move quickly between three different apps. Swipe three fingers left across the screen, and you’ll save an app. To see your three most recently saved apps as separate tabs, swipe three fingers to the right.

Sprint PA Team Real World Input: I have never used this personally outside of testing to see if it actually works and may be one of those things you don't know you need until you use it.  Seems pretty cool and some folks I know that are LG fans swear by it.  I have not been swayed so far!

Tip #7

The self-healing feature actually works, but it’s not that impressive



The G Flex 2 has a self-healing feature for the rear panel. Like the original G Flex, a special rubberized coating will eliminate scratches from the rear panel. According to LG, the G Flex 2 heals in less than 10 seconds as long as it’s not too cold.

Before you break out the kitchen knife to show your brother how your new phone has the same healing properties as a phoenix’s teardrop, you should know that the G Flex 2 can’t recover from gashes deeper than a few millimeters. It’s a nice feature for small scratches, but it’s not magic.

Sprint PA Team Real World Input: So far so good and the G Flex2 seems to have recovered from minor scratches that would mar most other devices.  That said, I am not taking a steak knife to it or anything so as DT says, probably only to be used as designed, for very light scratches vs anything super heavy.

Tip #8

Instantly browse photos and video with Quick Theater

DT: The G Flex 2 has made accessing your photos and videos that much easier with Quick Theater. The feature allows you to instantly jump to the photo, video, and YouTube apps directly from the lock screen. To launch Quick Theater, hold your phone in landscape mode and swipe your thumbs horizontally from the center of the lock screen.

Sprint PA Team Real World Input: Here's another one I actually use because often you quickly want to show pictures to friends and family and it's a hassle to turn your phone on, unlock it, launch the gallery and find your picture or video.  This great feature eliminates most of that.

Tip #9

Enable Guest Mode



This one’s a little involved. Setting up guest mode (which is a great for kids), requires users to either have a preexisting lock screen pattern, or make one. To make a lock screen pattern, go to Settings > Lockscreen  > Pattern. From here, choose a lock screen pattern that’ll allow for unfiltered access to your phone.

To enable guest mode, choose Settings > General > Personal  > Guest Mode. Then, toggle the Guest Mode icon on. From the guest mode menu, you’ll be able to set a lockscreen pattern for guests and select which apps will be available in guest mode.

Sprint PA Team Real World Input: Call me old fashioned but I never loan my phone to people or let them use it for an extended enough period of time to where I need to worry about whether or not they are snooping through my files.  As I also don't have kids I don't need to worry about locking my phone down for them.  Guest Mode is probably very useful for some folks but maybe not others.

Tip #10

Let your phone know when you’re watching a video or reading


Tired of having your phone go dark every five minutes when you’re watching a video? Smart Stay can sense when you’re looking at your phone, so the screen won’t go black. It’s great for watching videos, reading on your phone, or just basking in the G Flex 2’s 1,920 x 1,080 pixel display. To set this feature up, go to Settings > Display and change the screen timeout setting to Smart Stay. This feature doesn’t work in the dark, though, because the G Flex 2 doesn’t have a night-vision camera.

Sprint PA Team Real World Input: OK so we're positive that this feature is NOT called "Smart Stay" on an LG device as that is a Samsung name for the feature.  It's actually called Smart Screen and works well especially in better lighting conditions in my experience.  But highly recommended so that pesky screen timeout doesn't interrupt you.

Tip #11

Deploy Android 5.0’s native battery saver

DT: Choose the three dot icon on the upper right side of your screen. A menu will appear. Select Battery Saver, then toggle it on. You can even arrange the battery saver to activate automatically when you reach a certain percentage.

Sprint PA Team Real World Input: The Great Battery Power Struggle is always something we have to deal with on flagship smartphones.  The phone tech seems to advance every year but core battery tech, not so much.  Once again the OEMs have to make the software accommodate the shortcomings in the battery so the native power saver in Lollipop can be very useful when and if needed.

So there you have it, more goodies to help you get the best use out of your amazing G Flex2.  Go forth and tinker!

Until next time,

The Product Ambassador Team

Disclaimer: The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. sprintemployee

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