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How is your LG G Flex 2 performing? Comment below.


How is your LG G Flex 2 performing? Comment below.

I have the LG G Flex2 from sprint. It's my first phone from sprint. I choose the phone because it's cool curve and as well as it's octa-core processor. I felt like i wouldn't have problems for years from this phone. Until i started Lagging and stuttering i was wonder if it was the phone.. They said it could be the apps that i use on the phone i know it should be able to handle little apps. Such as Facebook, VPNS, and just normal basic things. I can tell when it's struggling as the processor would heat up in the top right corner. I was wondering if anyone else has realized these problems with theirs? P.s. could it be a problem with Android Lollipop as the S6 is experiencing some of these stutters as well. P.s.s Spotify drains a lot of problems just on music that's already downloaded?? Is it even optimized for Android Lollipop yet?


Re: How is your LG G Flex 2 performing? Comment below.

i see it as well from time to time but a restart usually frees everything back up for me. i think the phone might be saving up to much stuff before dumping it and it starts to bog a bit..if you hit the furthest right square it pulls up your most recent tends to hang onto those for quite a while..clearing those out tends to free it up a bit as well. might work for you.

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Re: How is your LG G Flex 2 performing? Comment below.

lillatlat- Thanks for reaching out on Sprint Community. The device already Features Software  Operating System: Android 5.0 (Lollipop) Full suite of Google applications and services. So looks like it should be ready and Optimized for lollipop. We will certainly will have this noted so sorry for the delay. However if you are experiencing any more issue let us know. And feel free to private message us at any time.

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