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LG G Flex 2 camera/picture issues


LG G Flex 2 camera/picture issues

Up until today, I've had NO problems with the camera on my Flex 2.  As of today, ANY picture I take will NOT save on my phone OR SD card and even pictures that I have taken or saved to my phone in the past have now been erased or damaged to where I can't open or see them anymore.  Some were taken as recently as 2 weeks ago and only a FEW of those pictures were damaged/erased but others taken at that same time are still there.  I've not had my phone near a magnet or anything that could have caused any problems and the rest of my phone works just fine.  I've tried taking about a dozen pictures today since noticing the issue and not ONE was viewable to me after I'd taken it.  I have kept all the software and firmware and LG updates current and check them all at least weekly to make sure everything on my phone is up to date.  Why can't I take pictures? It's not like I've used the camera so much that I've broken it, this just shouldn't be happening with a phone that I have had for less than 6 months. 


Re: LG G Flex 2 camera/picture issues

yank the SD card, reboot the phone then test it again with out the sd card being in there in case the card itself is causing this. if that doesnt work go into your settings-apps-all and try to locate the camera app..force stop it then clear the data and cache on it..then test again. worst case scenario you will need to take it into a repair store and have them give it a once over to see what is going on with it.

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