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I am having a problem with my LG Flex.

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I am having a problem with my LG Flex.

My wi fi turns on randomly and runs my battery down before I realize that it's on. How can I get it to stay off unless I turn it on manually?


Re: I am having a problem with my LG Flex.

PatRN-  Hi there, So Sorry for the delay. I know this can be annoying connecting to Wi-Fi without turning it on manually. Please advise if you are still experiencing the concern with your LG Flex device? Some  helpful tips if so, If you have gone in under the settings and unchecked the Wi-Fi  option you should normally be fine. Unless you have the advanced WI-FI option check in which I would suggest you uncheck this as well. The advanced Wi- Fi option checks for Wi-Fi connections at random. Hopefully this was helpful. If you need further assistance or have more questions please let us know. We are happy to help.

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