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LG G Flex - How good is this phone for travel use?


LG G Flex - How good is this phone for travel use?

Is this a good phone for business users?

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Re: LG G Flex - How good is this phone for travel use?

I just received my G Flex today so I can't say I have a lot of experience using it. However, my initial impression is - Yes. The screen is generously sized, so no issues reading documents, lengthy emails, etc. And because of the generous screen, the touch-keyboard is EASY to use and comes with a dedicated number row. Passwords are easy to type as are any special characters and punctuation. The LG UI is friendly, very fluid and easy to navigate.

With features like Polaris Office pre-installed, it's easy to view docs, spreadsheets and preso decks. Quick Remote means you don't have to fumble with the hotel room remote (or touch it). Use your G Flex to remote control any TV. QuickMemo means you can take notes in free hand. On-Call Notes lets you jot down notes while on call and retrieve later from call logs. QSlide allows you to overlay two applications simultaneously on the screen so you can multi-task. The device is Int'l roaming capable once you request a SIM unlock from CS. There are TONS more features that are useful for business, personal and entertainment:

The only caveat I'll throw out is that the device MAY be too big to easily handle for some. You don't need to be the Jolly Green Giant, but it is a large device, for sure. It's a little smaller than a small tablet or Kindle. If you're used to bringing a 2nd device like a tablet for email, docs and reading while you're waiting for your flight, then you may feel comfortable enough to leave the tablet at home. The G Flex does have several handy one-hand mode operations to make it easier to use.

I hope this helps.

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