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Sprint Product Ambassador: From the display to the curve


The LG G Flex screen is nothing less than incredible! not only the 6.0" Curved HD OLED Display, but also the curve in the phone! I know some may think "Big deal, it has a curve", but honestly i am not sure how i could ever go back to another phone. I had the LG G2 as well and loved it, but when i picked it back up it was not only smaller screen but without the curve it just wasnt the same. Not only does the curve provide comfort (rather for your eyes, your pocket, or your hand) but for me it just makes the picture come alive! Espcially watching a fast paced action movie. It is just is simply amazing! This is not oly a Phablet but it is the ultimate movie / gaming phone with the pure size, power, and shape of this display!


Your LG G Flex Product Ambassador Team

The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love phones.

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