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Sprint Product Ambassador: G Flex Battery


All i can say is WOW!

When i first got the phone i left it on for 48 Hours and still did not die. This was also with normal usage. Calls, Text, games, camera, Netflix, Etc. I had the LG G2 prior and the battery life as well was amazing, but the battery on the G Flex seems to last longer for me. I do play alot of games on my phone, which of course does drain the battery a little bit faster, but i am still able to get through the day without a charge. If your a gamer like me, and love Android games, then this phone will last! Here is a Screen shot of my battery life today.



LG has created the world’s first curved battery made to complement the curved design and slim shape of the LG G Flex. It touts a high capacity of 3,500 mAh with up to 29 hours* of talk time to support all of your day-to-day activities. - LG

With most of my phones i have to have a charger in my office, room, living room, car, kitchen, and in my bag just in case just to keep my phone on through the day. This is not an issue with the G Flex as i can have it running all day and no issues with phone losing its power.

It is pretty cool that the battery can also curve. It allows it to fit your hand, pocket, and face very nicely!

I hope you guys enjoy this phone and battery life as much as i do!

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