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Sprint Product Ambassador: When LG Knocks, Tomorrow Answers

Sprint Product Ambassador


LG's Knock On has changed the game.

What many people thought of as a simple gimmick on the LG G2 and now the G Flex has now become one of the most talked about and sought after features in mobile and no doubt every other player out there will be trying to come up with something similar.

Our very own star PA Steve Dreibelbis posted a good video overview of this excellent feature:

In fact I love this feature so much that it has become second nature to me and I find myself tapping on the screens of non LG phones only to find that my reflexive urge to knock the screen awake is met with instant disappointment when it remains off and I have to use the actual power button.. so antiquated now!

But it doesn't seem like LG is content to rest on it's laurels and may be debuting an advancement in Knock On called Knock Code in which you can use a sequence of knocks on different parts of the screen as a security code to unlock the device.  They are hinting about this on their teaser for Mobile World Congress..

Supposedly it will be a key feature of the LG G Pro 2, a future device that is not released on any US carrier including Sprint.  But the possibility that it will be backported to the G2 and G Flex has got our mouths watering here at PA Headquarters.

Just another way that LG continues to innovate and differentiate in a notoriously competitive industry.  And when companies innovate, consumers benefit, so we're excited to see what Monday's MWC announcements bring for the wireless world and hopefully for Sprint devices too!

Until next time,

The Product Ambassador Team

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