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calls go directly to voice mail


calls go directly to voice mail

doesnt show missed calls, calls dont ring.  i will be able to listen to voicemail if they leave a message. also when i look in when you go to  mobile network 4g settings

it says network provider
ip address

so from what i can tell, that means sprint doesnt think i am even here, thats why no missed calls, and only voice mail.  HOW DO I FIX?

i tried to get replacement, but rep via email said it is 'lg company problem' get a different phone.  but i want this phone because of screen size and my vision requires it.  now he says my 2 weeks is about up so i wont be able to do anything??!  i work from home so i can't take it to a store, and i can't call cs!

i am so frustrated.  my boss is really frustrated since he can't reach me. 


cglhm Please provide your nearest cross streets and zip code so that I can see how the towers are performing in your area. Also, what is your device model so that I can suggest some trouble shooting steps? Mitzie Sprint Social Care team.
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