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LG G Pad F7.0 Review - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador


LG G Pad F7.0 is the perfect size for a tablet. It comes packed with a 7" HD display great for watching a movie while waiting on someone at the airport, grocery store or wherever you are while on the go. This tablet fits perfectly in my back pocket so that my hands are free for other things. I even find myself using my LG G Pad F7.0 even at home over my Samsung tablet because the battery is much better. Check out my comparison blog of my LG G Pad and Samsung Note 10.1 here.


Then add the bonus of Sprint Spark and LTE network access on my G Pad. Living out in the country my options for internet are DSL or satellite and neither are very fast. My G Pad picks up LTE signal upstairs and downstairs with no problem allowing me to surf the web at night when I get in from the office. Plus it is great for playing Game of War..... it was nice playing the game on a larger screen. The game requires internet access and do not want to be rallied while your DSL & Wi-Fi goes down... I did add data restriction to my tablet so that I do not go over my data limit and I have more info on that here.


The price of the LG G Pad is affordable too.... especially compared to my Samsung Note 10.1 2014 edition tablet that. Sprint has the G Pad available through Easy Pay or 2 year agreement option. This tablets is great for those wanting to keep on a budget and need a tablet for on the go with the ability to stay connected.

Qpair 1.PNG

The addition of QPair with the G Pad gives you that additional connection to your mobile phone. QPair allows me to work from my G Pad and still receive my text messages and calls from my mobile so that I only have one device to work from. I have blog on QPair for more info on it.

61x7HegbYvL._SL1500_.jpgI do recommend adding a microSD

card to the tablet for additional storage. I have a Samsung 64GB EVO class 10 microSD card in my LG G Pad and it will support up to 128GB card. The LG G Pad comes with 8GB of onboard storage with a little over 3GB of storage that is actually available for use. I store all my music, pictures and other data on my SD card.


The LG G Pad F7.0 has a very impressive battery that provides me the usage I need without having to charge it up every two hours or so like my other tablet. I have another blog with more details on the battery life here.

My conclusion of the LG G Pad F7.0 is that it is a tablet I would recommend to my friends and family. This would be great for kids that need a tablet for school and home school projects for keeping cost down. There was not anything this tablet could not do that my larger tablet does plus this one is more portable with Sprint Spark & LTE network connection. Having a network connection always available was the other thing I liked about this tablet. The single antenna for Sprint Spark & LTE help boost its ability to maintain a signal for me in the country.

Visit a Sprint store today and check out the LG G Pad F7.0 to if it is the tablet for you!



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