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Make calls from the G pad : Sprint Product Ambassador


Hangouts has been the primary app that I use for texting, I have ditched the vendor's messaging app in favor of this. I love hangouts, I have it as an extension on my chrome browser. Hangouts now has a dialer for those who need to make calls.

I love the Hangouts dialer because it lets me call anyone in the world without using any cell phone minutes. Most calls to the US and Canada are free and for people like who are from India calls are super cheap. 1 cent a minute is better than the rate of any carrier out on the market now.

The user can call any cell phone or land line, and calls to other hangouts users are free.

This would be a great option to give to kids, they dont need a cell phone. Parents can give the G Pad to their kids and still have the ability to speak to your children.



Stanny George


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