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Sprint Product Ambassador: LG G Pad F for Daily Business


In the couple of weeks that I have had my LG G Pad F7.0 I have been using it not only as my personal everyday tablet for reading & entertainment, but also as my portable little work buddy.  Like most mobile professionals, I need to be able to access the web, email and edit/create documents on the go. 

The first two are easy – Web Access & Email – take your choice of the preinstalled browser from LG or personally I utilize Chrome to get my web based content and since I use it across multiple devices (my phone, laptop, and my 10 inch tablet) it allows my book marks to be readily available to me when I am signed in with my Google/Gmail logins.  Most sites I access work great on their mobile versions and the few that I need to see in “Desktop Mode” I simply click those 3 dots in the upper right corner then select the check box to view in Desktop Mode. 

For email you have a variety of options and depending on what your company allows you can choose from any number of them.  The default email client is good.  Ties right into Exchange, keeps your company’s IT policies in place for Exchange, you can accept/reject meeting invites and the other normal email things you would need or want to do.  The other email clients like Gmail or that may work for you and with your business.

Lastly is office apps.  There is a default office app built in to the G Pad F, as there is in most devices, which is good but still leaves something to be desired and at times has issues opening certain Excel files.  My personal default is usually Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, since I can use all the products across my Android devices and just pick up where I left off with ease.  But I found with G Pad’s limited available space and Google Docs not being able to be saved to SD Card for usage that I have selected to go right to the source and originator by using Microsoft Office Apps for Tablet (Word/Excel/PowerPoint).   Being that Microsoft Office Apps for Android tablets are relatively new they may not be the first choice for existing users who are familiar with other “office” apps that they have been using.  But here is why I chose to use them: #1 They take up less memory then the default app or Google apps. #2 They are the actual product that the majority of us both professionally & personally use. So in my experience thus far I have not run into issues with documents, spreadsheets or spreadsheets not looking how they are intended to look.  #3 You can save or open to/from your device, One Drive or Dropbox – which gives good flexibility since many business may only want their employees to be able to get docs out of specific cloud storages.  So try the LG G Pad F out for yourself and let us know what your experience is like for your work/life balance.

Your Sprint Product Ambassador - Patrick