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Sprint Product Ambassadors: LG GPad 7.0 Final Thoughts


The LG G Pad 7.0 is my first connected tablet. I never felt like I needed a tablet that was connected all of the time. My house has wifi, my work has wifi. When else could I possibly need an internet connection on a tablet? As it turns out, there are plenty of scenarios that my LG Tablet and Sprint LTE connection saved the day.


From being able to entertain my son while he was getting only the 3rd haircut of his life, to watching my favorite soccer team in the car on the way to visit grandma, I will never again be without a connection and a large screen! Of course I can use my handset, but there are many apps a 5 – 5.5in screen doesn’t do justice.

For example, Netflix is much better on a large device. All of the productivity apps are better on my LG tablet. Being able to see a large document, or spreadsheet on this screen has been fantastic. Handsets are great for quick emails, but for important dictations, or full fledged note taking, I need my LG G Pad and a connection.

I highly recommend this tablet to anyone looking for a budget friendly, crazy fast connected device and in the need of something with a bit more screen real estate than your average phone.

I will always have a connected tablet now, and the LG G Pad is perfect for me.