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Initial impressions on the LG G Stylo : Sprint Product Ambassador


It has been over a week now since I was priviliged enough to recieve the LG G Stylo. I must admit that I was not expecting much, I am coming from the Note 4 and this wasnt the G4. I am pleased to say that I really do like this phone, so far it has exceeded all my expectations. The size of the screen really catches you at first glance, it is crystal clear and perfect for waching videos, and even catching the small details in the photo. I might finally be able to understand a Jackson Pollack painting with this screen.

The phone feels great in the hand, LG's pantented button placement is just plain perfect. In the phone world you belong to one of 3 camps mostly Apple, Samsung and HTC but all of them can say that the button placement of the LG's are the best. It feels so natural that going back to another device feels very awkward. The Knock-on feature also is something that just makes sense. How was this not a thing on other devices? The back has a smooth and expensive feel to it despite the relatively low price. I am looking forward to using this phone for many more weeks


The Stylus on the phone gives me the opportunity to take notes, write down phone numbers etc.. The camera while it doesn't have the numbers is a very serviceable, recently I was able to take this phone to the Crayola experience with my kids and I really enjoyed the pictures that it took.


Stanny George