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Learn something on your G Stylo : Sprint Product Ambassador


Everyone has that one action, no matter what phone you have, it is the first action done on the phone. For me this action is to install PocketCast; my go to app for anything podcast related. Yeah I listen to music every once in a while, but my go to form of entertainment on a mobile device is podcasts. Whether you want to hear about the latest fashion trends, what is going on in the Kardashian world, what maybe going on in the Chinese Financial markets and a host of other topics. Podcasts have all the information you may need or want. I am always on the prowl for new podcasts, the one that took over my life and seems like everyone else's was Serial. However since then I have been searching for something else. I have always been a history buff, but it just seemed like either the information was sanitized or you had to sit down in front of a tv for hours upon hours to watch a good documentary. Enter Hardcore History, more precisely Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. This might be the most epic history lesson that you may ever have.

Dan Carlin who never claims to be a historian but is just a lover of it takes on topics that others would not, something that may have more of a grizzly side and he talks about it. The listener needs to be ready for a 3 to 4 hour lesson, that's how long each session is. Recently I was able to finish his series called "The Wrath of the Khans" this chronicled the Mongols. The podcast that is currently on deck for me is Prophets of Doom which chronicles the protestant reformation after Martin Luther.

The other day I left my headphones at home and was left without any listening device for my 2 hour trip to Tampa. Instantly panic filled me, will I be forced to listen to terrestrial radio and listen to the same 15 songs every hour? I reluctantly took out my phone and dared to listen to my podcast with the in device speaker. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of sound emitting from the device. It was crisp and more importantly loud enough so that I could hear every inflection of tone made during the 2 hour drive.


Stanny George