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Little quirks about the Stylo: Sprint Product Ambassador


It's been 4 weeks since I have had the Stylo, while there are many things that I love about the phone there is one thing that really annoyed me at first. This was more due to my own stupidity than with the phone.

Phones today are our communication devices, media devices, and our alarm clocks. The Stylo while being a good device for all of these functions really frustrated me with the default alarm clock feature. You can set the alarm with no issues but where was the choice of tone. I couldn't find it for over 5 minutes, in the end I just got annoyed and kept whatever the default was.

Ring Ring Ring Ring, 5 am wake up call! The volume was at the highest level and the tone was a screeching one that could not be ignored. For the normal person, all of this would not be an issue. However in my house, this was hard. Not only did my wife wake up but so did all three of my kids.

So this is a tip for all you fathers out there with this Stylo. While the alarm screen may look like there is no more but scroll down.

This is the initial screen, by the looks of it one might think like me that this was all there was.

Stylo 2.png

When you scroll down you see the rest of the options, now most of you may think. Hey, moron! this is simple stuff and you're weird for not catching it. I guess I am weird then.

Stylo 1.png