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�Mom can I use your phone?� - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

You need a smart phone.


You need to check your Facebook feed, or your Twitter feed, or your email while you are on the road.  You search for housewares, cars, clothes, watches while you are on the train.  Or you get in a few, indulgent minutes of Candy Crush in while you are on the bus.

At the end of the day, the kids come back from camp, and they are ready for a screen. Whether it’s Teen Titans, or YouTubers, or Little Big Planet, there is a screen that is calling to your kids, and depending on the rules in your home, they will indulge before or after dinner for an hour or two.

And then there’s the in between time.  The time where they want to just… check something out.  A new music video, or a cool drawing game.  And that’s where Mom’s phone comes in. 

I can’t tell you how often I hear that every week.  “Mom can I use your phone?”  Except for the past few weeks, that has changed.

“Dad can I use your phone?”  Why?  Why is it changing?  Because Dad’s phone has the pen thingy.  I can draw.  I can play games.  I can watch movies.

“How is the resolution boys?”

“I think it’s still ok Dad.  How can I tell if I broke the resolution?”  So maybe my 9yo isn’t as technical as my 11 yo, who would just shrug me off and say “Hold on… lemme finish this YouTube video…” 

This is the feedback that I hear from users and from sales people in stores.  The phone very aptly fits the soccer mom demographic.  It’s a BIG screen and an elegant design.  The camera is excellent to snap pictures in an instant.  And with the stylus, the kids will want to play more on this device than Dad’s work phone.  And it’s VERY reasonably priced. 

If you are in the habit of handing your smart phone over to your kids to play with for a while, the LG G Stylo fits the bill.  Big enough to watch a movie in the back of the car, but not awkwardly huge. 

Get one in your hands in a local Sprint store.  Even try comparing it to the LG G4 to see if you can tell the difference, and even if you can, ask yourself if it really matters!