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Sad Finding with LG G Stylo - No Gear For Me

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So in the last few weeks I have had the joy with the LG G Stylo device. I love the size, the shape and the clear screen. And of course as an Android fan, I have been pleased with ease of transitioning from my former Android devices to this LG G Stylo. I use the stylus for meeting notes and my grocery and TO DO lists. But the sad discovery. No ability to sync my Samsung Gear S with this LG device.

gear for lg_2015-07-28-10-27-59.png

I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to stay connected with my calendar, emails, text messages and phone calls when I habitually used my Gear. I LOVED tracking my steps and exercise routines and kept perfect track of my sleep patterns. Proved many times over to my spouse that he keeps me awake with his snoring. But, lo and behold, the minute I searched to download and Bluetooth my LG G Stylo device with the Gear S, I found there was no option. I searched for answers on the web but couldn't find the option.

So if anyone out there finds the process, please let me know. Otherwise, I will be seeking a new fitness wearable to keep track of my activeness or inactiveness.

Still love many of the features of my LG G Stylo - just not the missing option for my Gear S.

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