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Space constraints - LG G Stylo - Product Ambassador

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Well, I have been using the LG G Stylo for over a month and have added my most used apps, however, I have already experienced 'not enough space'. Seriously, I don't use that many apps and predominately have a few social and a few business apps but reached a limit and had "insufficient space". This forced me to remove pictures and other apps to load apps when immediate use was needed. So I spend time uninstalling and reinstalling less frequently used apps.

For example, today as I walked across the Sprint campus, I stopped to grab a community bike but in order to continue it was necessary for me to download QRC reader and could not.

qrc cant load.png

And then validated my total space and realized I again will need to remove some downloads, pictures, and apps. This is a bit frustrating and I feel a bit miffed since I really don't use many apps and my current use is more likely typical of a nonTech user. I love the use of the LG Stylo for texting, calling, and some social use, it seems to me that I should have more space available and not be required to manage my space as often as I do.

So I search to figure out how to save to my SD card instead of my device all the time.

Found this on the Sprint Community page:

This article was very helpful. I proceeded to clear some space by moving to SD card and cleaning out my cache. It was easy to do.

move and clear.png

So as easy as it was, it was still a nuisance. I would probably think about my internal storage space in the future as I purchase devices and consider saving to my SD card more often.

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