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4G LTE problems with LG G2 Nationwide - a phone issue NOT Network!!!


4G LTE problems with LG G2 Nationwide - a phone issue NOT Network!!!

Hi Fellow Sprint users and likely LG G2 users - I have horrific issues when attempting to use 4G LTE at home, despite being in range of several towers.  Sprint keeps reassuring me that they are updating these towers and that until updates are complete, I will have these issues but when resolved all will be great.

HOWEVER in response to two other threads I am on and in hours of communication with Sprint Tech Support, other LG G2 users all over the US are having identical problems AND did not have problems with 4G LTE service until they switched phones from their previous phone to the LG G2.

I am willing to bet money that you could replace your LG G2 that has issues with any number of LG G2s and have the identical problem, as the problem lies in this phone.  And it has something to do with picking up a clean and clear 4G LTE signal, period.  My phone works great on CDMA only, and works OK on LTE/CDMA only if I turn OFF the connection optimizer, at which point my phone receives calls but only on CMDA.    If I keep my phone on CDMA only it works fine but of course why have a 4G LTE phone within range of 4G LTE if you cannot use its capabilities.

Sprint tech reps are not in touch with each other and consequently what we experience on our LG G2s is not being forwarded up the line warranting an increased priority towards resolution.  I spoke with LG and they have no idea and blame Sprint for the problem.

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@ SprintCare:  I went ahead and changed the settings for two of our devices (LG G2 and Galaxy S4 Mini) to CDMA only.  Unfortunately, this limits us to the terrible 3G speeds that we have been plagued with for more than a year now. 

BTW, while I do understand that the tower conversion takes time, you are doing this at the expense of your customers.  Why should I pay FULL PRICE (and "premium data" lol) for my Everything Data plan when all I can get is unbelievably mediocre data because of Sprint's three-year long LTE conversion? 


We just performed speed tests on two devices this morning.  At home, we pulled 0.09 Mbps download (average of four tests) and on the location in Menlo Park, we pulled 0.12 Mbps download three times.  This was after our devices were switched to CDMA only.

I don't understand how techs "prepping for" or "performing" upgrades right now would have plagued us with these speeds for a couple of YEARS now.  Are you telling me that this is why our data has been so terrible for two years?  Seriously: If we knew that Sprint could only offer such terrible data speeds, we would never have renewed our last two contracts.

Now, I guess that we are stuck in this ridiculous "waiting" game where we wait for Sprint to do whatever they want with no credible notice about when it will finish.  And, yes, I am frustrated.  This isn't worth $200+ per month.  I could buy an iPod or tablet and use Wi-Fi for a much better "smartphone" experience than rely upon more than two years' worth of broken and meaningless promises and "we understand your frustration" rhetoric from Sprint.



Unfortunately, I can only speak towards what is currently taking place in your area as that is the current data we have to view. Keeping the device set to anything other than CDMA while in any area where upgrades are taking place or have yet to start will exacerbate connection issues you are having as well as cause battery drain and may cause battery overheating.

Customers in areas currently being effected by the Network Vision upgrades will be afforded a service credit based on actual impact once the upgrades complete in their area. However, if you would like us to investigate the possibility of a one-time credit now we can do that. It will, however, supersede any post-upgrade credit that would be offered once the upgrades conclude.

Because of the aforementioned process of tower upgrades and things that can happen outside of our control, it is not possible to provide a finite date by which the upgrades in the area may complete.

Jon H.

Sprint Social Care Team

So the upgrades are completed?  Wow, what great performance.  Tell your techs that these are the typical speeds I'm getting for over 100 dollars a month.  And this was OUTSIDE.  Much better than inside my home.  You can see the 3G logo.  This is a suburb of Chicago that is highly populated.  Your map says it's the highest tier of Spark available.

Typical Sprint Speeds.png

I get those speeds on LTE. And yesterday, I lost all data. Everything I did to try to get data failed. It remained off for hours. I tried to check the site late last night, but it was down. This has never happened before.


I feel your pain.  I get those speeds with LTE, as well.  I must admit, occasionally, it will hit between 3-5 Mbps for a quick second, here and there.  As soon as I get a few blocks away from my house, the speeds aren't bad.  Anywhere from 10-28 Mbps.  Doesn't do me much good at home, though.  I use Wi-Fi indoors, but outside the signal won't reach my phone.  I get a lot of dropped calls inside my house, too.  And the audio quality sucks.

Yeah, If I remember correctly, I haven't seen anything past 10 or 11 since early last year. My WiFi is already taxed out and crappy here. so that's not a very viable option for me. Oddly enough, I get better speeds at a local Walmart with all its interference and electronic junk running inside. I've been having a lot of dropped calls myself lately. And I lost data again today. Calls that don't fail are sometimes fuzzy sounding. Dunno what I can do but go to the store again. I'm steadily getting sick of my G2, which is a shame since it could be such an epic device if it and the network could cooperate.



Thanks for reaching out to us here in Sprint Community. I'd be more than happy to look into this for you. Can I please get the two nearest cross streets and zip code to where you are having these issues? Have you taken the device to a Service and Repair shop? Let me know I am here to help.

Social Care

I've done the cross street thing several times already, but the nearest tower is on Elm, and the cross street would be Airline Highway. I'm planning on taking it to the shop either tomorrow or the day after if I can get the chance.


inconsolable_me- Thanks for the response. If there's anything that we can do for you please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help. -Ramiro Sprint Social care

I am having a similar problem. I have great data connectivity, but not so for texts and calls. While I can initiate I cannot receive. My wife says her call go straight to voicemail, but there is neither a record of the call nor a voicemail registered. I went to Sprint yesterday and the techs "looked" at it, reset and updated software. Still nothing. Tech said "you should be fine", but if not $75 for a replacement. That is totally bogus. The problem is with the phone. Sprint should replace at no cost to me. I just upgraded to the G2 in November. I am inclined to ask Sprint to nullify the upgrade and let me upgrade again to a different phone!



Sorry to hear that. Can you provide me with the cross streets and zip code? Also, how long has this issue been going on for?

Social Care Team

Your signal strength has a direct affect on your internet speeds, the fewer the bars ~the slower the speeds will be...Anything between 0-3 bars usually is to weak for decent speeds. The closer you get to the tower the better your signal and speeds will be.

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