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Cannot get Microsoft account mail.

Cannot get Microsoft account mail.

So, I got the Kit Kat upgrade. I cannot get my Microsoft account mail with the stock mail app. It will not let me connect. The message "Cannot connect to server. Try again after checking network connection and entered information."  The information is correct, and I've tried using hotmail for the server address as well as msn, but it still won't work. Thing is, this worked before the upgrade. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


Re: Cannot get Microsoft account mail.

What Microsoft email account do you have? If it's an email, the below should work:

Log into your account online and enable IMAP Forwarding. Then go to the stock email app and Add Account. Choose Other. Type in your user Email address and Password. Select Manual Setup

Incoming IMAP Server:
Outgoing SMTP Server:

Select SSL required for the incoming server. The port should change to 993 automatically. Change the SMTP encryption to TLS or SSL and the port number to 587.

Re: Cannot get Microsoft account mail.

Oh, my apologies. I should've put it in my original post, but the accounts are the standard, old MSN-turned-Hotmail accounts. I checked on my old LTEVO and see that there is a separate option for Microsoft Hotmail accounts, as well as a Yahoo! option. This is not to be found on my G2. Although, this is Kit Kat and that was Jelly Bean.


Re: Cannot get Microsoft account mail.

Both of those have imap forwarding which you can take advantage of. You'll have to do 2 things, but first, have this handy:

1 | Enable imap forwarding. On your computer, log into your email and enable imap forwarding. if you don't know how to do this, you can copy and paste the following into into google: " imap forwarding hotmail" and "imap forwarding yahoo"

2 | Set up your email on your device. Open email app and add your account manually as the automatic settings may not be correct - especially those for incoming and outgoing servers.

Re: Cannot get Microsoft account mail.

Thank you for the solution, I found that I can out in all the correct information when I choose the "Other" setting in the stock mail app. Thing is, I still get the error message. I've checked and re-checked and tried multiple variations, all to no avail. It still says it cannot connect to the server and to check the connection (which has been spotty, but is not the actual problem) and entered information. So, I just decided to give up on that and use a different mail app. It works perfectly. I would've liked to have all my mail in one app on the phone, but it is what it is. Thank you for your help, and best wishes.

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