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Dear SprintCare reps:


Dear SprintCare reps:

Can you get your act together. Seriously. There are multiple threads in here with multiple answers from SprintCare reps. It seems to me like reps can type any answer they want, even if it's a lie. Sadly, I feel that most of these reps are overseas due to the very poor English skills in their typing. I would rrather be told that we don't know instead of not a straight answer.

Guys, just like this if you agree. Maybe someone will notice but I doubt it.


Re: Dear SprintCare reps:

Thank you for contacting LG Electronics.

I am afraid we need to get the authorization from the Carrier in order to develop and release this update. For example, AT&T and T-Mobile already authorized this update and this is the reason why it&#39s been released to their LG G2 users. As soon as this information is authorized, you will receive a notification from your Carrier.[/QUOTE]

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