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Full Cell function lost after connection to WIFI network


Full Cell function lost after connection to WIFI network

Recently I have missed numerous phone calls and Text messages and had no clue what was going on until today. I noticed a triangle on the top of my status bar that stated "could not establish data network" and this causes all functions of my phone..ALL FUNCTIONS to be disabled. Cant get texts, no calls, everything goes straight to voicemail, and no notices of new voicemails. I found that once i get home and my phone automatically connects to my WIFI network, this is what disables the cell network. However if i attempt to make a call (i say attempt because with no network it will attempt, then hang up) once the call ends with the failed attempt, the cell network comes back with no issues..As of right now my phone works perfectly fine, unless i connect it to a wifi network, then this apparently disables cell network functionality, until i try to make another call..I have taken the handset into the local store and techs find nothing wrong with the phone itself, or the settings...What is going on?!?!?

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