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G2 Won't Install ZV8 Update


G2 Won't Install ZV8 Update

I know that people have been posting issues installing the ZVA update, but my device won't even install the ZV8 update.  I get the notification that the update has been downloaded and to click to restart and install it.  I click the button, the android appears and it looks like the update is being installed.  The phone restarts, but when I go the the software version, it still shows LS980ZV7.  This has been going on since early January (?).

I contacted Customer Care (I know, I know...) and was given the usual "power off the phone" instructions, which I had done 87,342 times already.  I called a local Sprint repair center and was told that a reset might force the update, but to ZVA instead of ZV8.  It didn't sound reasonable, but I did it anyway (I know, I know...).  So I'm still stuck on ZV7, can't get ZV8 and I suspect that I won't get the prompt to update to ZVA until I can get a good install of ZV8.

Am I just "that guy", or is something really, REALLY wrong with this software rollout?  I live in a Spark enabled area, so the additional speed would be good to have, but this is getting ridiculous.

Any suggestions?


Re: G2 Won't Install ZV8 Update


I am sorry to hear you have encountered such difficulty with the upgrades. Have you visited a Sprint store for assistance with obtaining the new software? If not, I would strongly suggest you do so.

Please let me know.


Social Care Team


Re: G2 Won't Install ZV8 Update

So here's an update...

I took the phone to a Sprint Repair Center near my house on 2/13.  He wasn't able to get the update to install (it has always downloaded with no issue) either by forcing the OTA or connecting to a computer and initiating it somehow. He suggested that I exchange the phone.  Since I bought the phone from Best Buy and use their insurance coverage, I went there.

Geek Squad initially said that there was no guidance on installing the ZVA update.  I explained that I couldn't get ZV8, which is needed to upgrade to ZVA.  After discussions with the store manager, they handed me a brand new phone out of the box.

Its still running ZV7, but now I can't even get the notification that the ZV8 update is available.

New phone, still no update...


Re: G2 Won't Install ZV8 Update

I'm having the same issue - it's definitely not just you, and not just the devices you've been getting... part of my job involves activating phones, and G2s that I've activated in the past few days have all done the same thing. Stock ZV7, "No updates available" when you do the LG Software Update check in System Updates. I tried sideloading the ZVA update, but it won't even load without ZV8, and I can't find the file for the ZV8 update anywhere.

Personally, I'm just going to flash the stock ZVA updated ROM that's available on xda. I don't feel like waiting for LG to fix this issue, haha. A service and repair location for Sprint might be able to reinstall software that includes ZV8, but as you have the Best Buy Geek Squad coverage as opposed to Sprint's Total Equipment Protection, that would likely not be free.


Re: G2 Won't Install ZV8 Update

Thanks for letting me know it's not just me! I got the updates to ZV8, then to ZVA for Spark last night. Download speeds went from 6-ish to over 40.

I still wonder about the lackadaisical response by Sprint to posts in their own forums, though...


Re: G2 Won't Install ZV8 Update


Thanks for the post. Glade to hear you got the update. They usually go out in batches that are associated with the numbers. You may have been in one of the later batches. Good to hear your all set. Let us know if there is anything going on you may need help with.


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