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G2 keeps on restarting after Android 5 (Lollipop) update


G2 keeps on restarting after Android 5 (Lollipop) update

My G2 restarts several times per day after Lollipop update.  I never had this issue before.  The exact version is Android 5.0.2.  I would like to avoid a factory reset as much as possible.

Anyone else having the same issue? Any solutions?


Mine isn't restarting, but is sure going wonky all the time, opening/closing apps, giving me warning messages about screens that I had never seen before, etc. I have done a factory reset (lost a lot of pictures in the meantime because I couldn't get them to upload), and it did not solve the problem. If you are still under a warranty, you should probably give LG or Sprint a call. They will have you do a reset, I'm sure, but hopefully, you won't end up in the same boat as me.

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