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G2 won't reconnect to LTE


G2 won't reconnect to LTE

I'm new here to sprint my issue is when I first got the phone I would have 3G and randomly drop signal now my issue is I'll have LTE and I'll drive up the street and it switches to 3G but when I get home again it either says unable to connect to data wireless network or after about an hour it will pick back up on its own unless I restart phone or airplane mode. Why do I have to turn the phone off or use WiFi for 4G to reconnect. Zip is 30045. On Hiram Davis rd and simonton rd


Try a profile update and a pro update, cycle phone off and on and it should fix your issue


I had or have the same problem. The update to enable SPARK messed up the way the phone switch between 3G and 4G.

It will switch to 4G only when it picks up band 26 and 41. If it doesn't find those two band? It could be one them.

It drops to 3G.

Note: the Sprint LTE network has or will (depending on your area) three bands. They are band 25, 26 and 41.

For some reason a Sprint engineer overlooked and the phone will not look for band 25. Band 25 is what all LTE phones use for data

Its quite stupid and someone should be fired.

At your own risk. You can go into your phone settings and modify. You will need your phone MSL number to make change





   Thanks for reaching out. This would be an extreme annoyance. I'm showing the nearest tower to you is showing some hiccups here recently. I have flagged the cell site for our network techs to investigate further.

   EVO13LTE did provide some helpful tips. Please power down your device for at least 3 minutes, to soft reset the device. Once the phone is back on update the data profile on the device . Let us know if the issue persists.



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