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Is the in-call volume on your G2 low?


Is the in-call volume on your G2 low?

Is it lower than most phones, as well as the speaker? Just making sure it is not exclusive to mine....


Re: Is the in-call volume on your G2 low?

I do think that was one of the things a lot of reviews said about it. That the speaker is a bit weak.


Re: Is the in-call volume on your G2 low?

Thanks, FrustratedinEdwardsville for helping!

Snowdroid, did that address your concern?

Thank you,

George M.
Sprint Social Care Team

Re: Is the in-call volume on your G2 low?

I have the same phone with the same issue.  The drastic decrease in volume happened when I migrated to Android 4.4.2

the issue is pretty well documented in blogs across the internet.

the only way to fix is do downgrade back to 4.3 or 4.2, or upgrade to lollipop, or swap out the file in the phone that determines volume settings.  ALL OF THESE SOLUTION REQUIRE YOU TO ROOT THE PHONE.

I have had my phone 6 months.  Sprints response is I am basically S.O.L.

Corporate Sprint says take it to a service center.

The service center says it's not a hardware issue, it's an android (software) issue.

Bottom line is some programmer screwed up the volume setting, and it got released and is causing problems for some LG G2 phones.

Sprint shows no record of a planned fix.  Sprint has told me there is no way to fix my phone and they will not replace it

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