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Issue with Google Play Services


Issue with Google Play Services

Since my phone updated to Lollipop a few weeks ago I now continually have a notification saying the Google Play Services needs to update. However, the Play Store never loads in order to do so. The Store does not load when accessed from the app's icon either. The Gmail app also does not work; the inbox does not refresh so I am unable to receive new messages. As of last week I also began to experience frozen screens, delays in typing, and problems when using the GPS.

I have done several restarts and gone into the carrier's store. They said it was a known issue between LG and Google since it's an older phone (I've had it for just over a year!) so the update is too big for it. They also said factory resets only help the issue for a day or two and the notification returns. Instead of getting a new phone, since I'm not eligible for an upgrade yet, I was directed to contact LG who then directed me back to Sprint.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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