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LG G2 Black Screen of Death??


LG G2 Black Screen of Death??

i was on my phone when i woke up and it was perfectly fine. i received a call i didnt answer and the screen went black. all functions on the phone still work. except the screen. it stays black. the vibrate, sound, apps, (currently listening to pandora) phone call. just a black screen. what is the problem?? nothing but bad things with the G2 this is my 3rd one since Feb. 8, 2014



So help me to understand this, is the screen going black once entering these applications and then once you exit or close it comes back? I'm trying to figure out how you are able to listen to Pandora if not able to see the application for selection, hard keys? Whom was the call from? Did you download any apps prior to the phone call?

- Jessica
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