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LG G2 Hardly connects to LTE in NYC


LG G2 Hardly connects to LTE in NYC

so i got my G2 on Friday and i cannot keep an LTE signal to save my life.  The phone only gets a few seconds of LTE and then it just switches back to 3G and stays there. I have literally tried EVERYTHING. updated profile, PRL, set it from global to LTE/CDMA, turn off Connection Optimizer, restarted it. Literally everything and nothing. Every time i do something, LTE turns on and a few moments later 3G. I live in NYC where their LTE towers are ON so i am VERY mad at this. ONLY reason i still have sprint is because of my Sero plan, but this company truly SUCKS!!!!!

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Re: LG G2 Hardly connects to LTE in NYC

It's a problem how you phone and the tower communicate.  You could probably get LTE from a nontriband (what Sprint is calling "spark") phone, until they fix their issues.  This is probably the straw that broke the camels back for me.  I saved at least 10 people from jumping off of Sprint by telling them this phone is coming and what it will be able to do.  First the WiMax debacle and now this---Fool me twice, not going to happen. 

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