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LG G2 Knock On doesn't work


LG G2 Knock On doesn't work

I have a two months old LG G2, and after an Android update, the Knock On feature stopped working to wake it up. It works fine to put it to sleep. If I didn't have the LG smartcover, I'd be pressing the power button to wake it up every time I needed to use or check it. From other blog posts around the innerweb, it looks like this is a common problem?! It worked fine when I got it, and then some upgrade hosed it. I called support this afternoon and they told me I either had to take it to a Sprint store and they would charge me to to fix it, or...wait it's open enrollment on insurance and I should buy it and they would replace it. REALLY!?! Or I can call LG. Seriously? Call LG??

This seems like a fix either Sprint has to deliver or work with LG to push one out! Love this phone but I'm disappointed with the complete lack of support. 10+ years with Sprint! Maybe I should wise up and leave when my contracts are up.

Anyone have a fix or solution??


Re: LG G2 Knock On doesn't work

mt279 - I understand the frustration behind all of this. If you don't have TEP and there's physical damage, a fee may be needed to get it fixed. If there's no physical damage, a replacement will be ordered through the manufacturer's warranty which is a free for one year. Also, any type of Operating System update is pushed through on the manufacturer's side. Based on what you posted, it seems that the knock on feature stopped working once an OS update was pushed through from LG. It could be a simple fix where the update needs to be re-installed: a feature that can be done easily at a Sprint Repair Center. It wouldn't cause you anything extra to have this done. You can find the nearest Repair Center at I would recommend backing up all of your personal data on the phone prior to going to the store. Let me know if this helps, or if you have additional questions.

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Re: LG G2 Knock On doesn't work

Sorry mt279.  I'm in the same boat.  After all the research I've done on Android and Sprint specific's just a waiting game.  I've only been with Sprint for 8 months and I would estimate that my data connection is solid a mere 60% of the time.   It's a major drag and I'm looking into buying out of my contract already.  And now the knock-on feature is gone and I have a solid horizontal dead spot on my phone.  No physical damage to the phone and I've tried every trouble shooting process I can find.  No luck.   According to the last two Sprint representatives I've spoken to over the phone, I have two pseudo options:   1)  "bring it into a Sprint store" -- he also mentioned that I should have bought insurance on it and 2)  I'm still within the one-year warranty on the phone so I can "apply" to have a replacement sent out to me...of course, this option would leave me without a phone for an indefinite amount of time.  The latter is not an option for me and presumably a majority of Sprint customers.   It's a ridiculous drag.  I would totally have T-Mobile buy me out of this contract if Sprint wasn't closing in on the deal...and if T-Mobile's coverage wasn't just as bad as Sprint's.  

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