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LG G2: Trouble from the start


LG G2: Trouble from the start

Hey guys. Im one of those disgruntled customers. I got the g2 in december around its release date. problems from the day i bought it. dropped calls, bad battery etc. called, went to the store and got the runaround. I was then told I could get a galaxy mega instead after we had tried everything. a few days later i get a box in the mail. to my surprise i received another g2. this refurbished one has other issues along with the ones i had already. the screen goes black often, and my phone resets every so often without updates. I m in customer service so i dont want to call and be an irate customer, but im truly past the breaking point. I love the phone, but hate what sprint has done to it. I'm all out of options.

What Should I Do?


KcLove8195, what a mess for you, I'm so sorry to read about this.  If you purchased it new in December, the phone is still under warranty.  It definitely shouldn't be blanking out yet or resetting on it's own.  Having done a replacement through the store, you might want to contact LG directly.  I've worked back with a couple of phone manufacturers in the past and have always found them to be more than helpful when there obvious warranty issues like this. - Christy

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