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LG G2 questions for Sprint and absolutely terrible customer service


LG G2 questions for Sprint and absolutely terrible customer service


     I recently got off my family's Verizon plan to switch to Sprint for UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT & DATA. First things first, It's not unlimited anything if I never get reception, It constantly drops calls, I am also CONSTANTLY missing calls, the phone does NOT ring sometimes, even if it has some service, and will go straight to voicemail. I will now list all the problems I've dealt with and even a few more I forgot (other G2 users please feel free to remind me)

1Smiley Tongueictures and videos hardly ever send successfully and when they do it takes 5 minutes for it to send at least.

2: When texting, sometimes it will randomly include "...." into my texts that I send or receive and this is very annoying. (Example: "Hey man what's up whatcha doin?" and It would send like "Hey man wh.... up whatcha doin?" For no reason whatsoever rather than a software issue.

3: The quick remote must be pointed EXACTLY TOWARDS THE DEVICE YOUR CONTROLLING. (Maybe cases EVEN WITH the built in hole cause interference of width of signal?)

4: This is unrelated to the G2 itself, but Sprint has been by far the most horrible and sickening customer service I have ever dealt with. "Rated best customer service" for what? I bet they declare this statement from asking users during first setup of accounts. Anyways, My first bill for unlimited everything would you like to know? $208 dollars and some change, why so much you ask? I thought the same thing. Here's how they get you and this is exactly what I was told from customer service representatives as well as their supervisor. So my bill should be $80 a month with tax coming to just over $90 (a bunch of stupid government taxes and college related things I shouldnt have to pay for.) Well I had expected my bill to be nearly double the $80 as noted by the service rep. when i activated this account, which I was okay with. I figured, hey, I'm getting an LG G2 for free so a one-time payment of $160 isn't bad. Well, It was about $50 more than X2, which frustrated me. I immediately called Sprint and asked them why? This is the answer I got from Chelsea, the first rep. I spoke to over the phone.

Let me lay out some details. I signed up DEC 30, my bill came JAN 25.... $208 dollars. So the Rep. after much questioning and misleading answers she came to this conclusion (which in my mind she just agreed with to shut me up which really made me mad) I was supposedly charged $69 dollars for the almost full month of service, and then I get charged $80 for January to February, (THIS IS WHAT THE REP TOLD ME) SO YES, $69 dollars for 25 days of service, and $80 dollars for the 6 days left in January AKA Jan 25-31, which I then repeated that exactly to her to which she agreed. I about started cussing with her but, she's simply doing her job and cursing would get me nowhere, I knew this was all Sprint's fine print BS but still your Customer Service Reps should have some clue as to what the hell they are talking about, cause they honestly don't know. So we talked and talked until I got all the separate charges written down, what they were, and how much they were.

DECEMBER 30-JANUARY25 total of $69.33

"Single Plan" no dates listed total of $80 flat (normal bill)

Activation fee $36

Sprint surcharges total of $11.22

Government taxes total of $11.87

So there's my bill.

I then said to her I wasn't getting any help from her she was simply leading me in circles so I finally demanded to speak to a Supervisor so I could find out how I was really getting [inappropriate word removed]. ALSO, when I asked to talked to a Supervisor, she said "Sure lemme put you on hold her for a second.....CLICK."

Hung up on me, no joke. I made sure it wasn't a loss of signal and It was not as I had FULL SERVICE AT THE MOMENT. So I called back and immediately said let me talk to a supervisor, after holding for maybe 5-10 minutes (too long to speak to a supervisor) I finally got ahold of one and we spoke.

This girl was alot better however also helpless.

She correctly explained my charges and here they are.

So I'm being charged $69.33 for 25 days of service DEC30-JAN25 which is understandable.

Next, Im being charged $80 for Jan25 until Feb 20-something before I even get to use it.

So we are always paying for a month in advance, so when we cancel our service we are essentially paying for a month's service that we will NEVER, EVER, get. So I came to this conclusion...

Ooooohhhhhhhh..... the phone isn't free. So while we think we get any type of deal, we are simply paying for the phone in another way I.E $100 worth of extra charges on my first month's bill.

The supervisor agreed, she said that Sprint always charges for the month in advance, to which I said we never get access to that month's service to which she said only If you cancel your service and DO NOT PORT OUT. In other words, if you wished to access this month of service when canceling your account, you would have to cancel your account with SPRINT, not porting your number to another carrier, simply cancelling your account. Which is stupid and makes no sense, charge us for the current month and quit [inappropriate word removed] your customers.

So this is allllllll a system of deterrents to keep me from leaving SPRINT. Well let me tell you something, I am disgusted by the way you treat your customers, you have horrible customer service, your representatives are uninformed and seem uneducated about cell phones alltogether, stop outsourcing your jobs so I can understand what your Reps are saying, it's ridiculous. I would leave you In a heartbeat however I just got charged a $300 early termination fee from Verizon as well as a $200 month's bill from Yall and all of this I found out ON MY 18th birthday, so thanks guys. I honestly had no clue I could be treated any worse for paying $80 A MONTH for a cell phone.

5. Camera is horrible, If you set to manual focus it's not that bad, however anything else, and it's the same thing as an iPhone, which is 5mp less?

6. The whole concept of the new button design is honestly horrible, I'm 6' 3", have huge hands and I can barely use this phone with one hand, 5.2" is way too big and the buttons on the back should not be centered at the very least. Also, when trying to get a finger on the back button, you must grip the phone in such a way that it wants to slip right out of your hand.

7. TOWERS ARE NOT BEING UPDATED, I live in a highly populated area in south Austin, Texas. Still in my main home I get little service, as well as I experience MANY MANY MANY deadspots, tiny ones, all around the South Austin area.

8. I'd say roughly 1/5th (20%) of all calls made to my phone don't even ring, doesn't ring, doesnt say, missed call. nothing. How do I know what percentage? well I constantly get harassed by my girlfriend about not answering my phone when in reality the phone never rang, even though she called multiple times and it rang over and over until finally going to voicemail.

9. THE SETTINGS ARE HORRIBLE, BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTMENT AND AUTOBRIGHTNESS ARE BOTH INSUFFICIENT, THE "QSLIDE" IDEA IS STUPID (we are on a 5.2" phone screen, not a 17" laptop, there's simply not enough room for this concept. YOU CAN NOT ALTER THE NOTIFICATION LEDS FOR CERTAIN DOWNLOADED APPS, colors OR whether the notification light itself is on. Why NOT???!?!??

10. ONE OF THE WORST PROBLEMS, CONNECTIONS OPTIMIZER!!!!! I constantly go and turn it off, it turns itself back on and will constantly open ON it's own and ask me to choose a service provider at which it shows companies like Time Warner Cable and other TV providers. I want nothing to do with this and have performed many things including hard resets.

This is truly disappointing, and It's even more disappointing that yall are okay with me being completely unsatisfied with your service and you will do nothing about it. I don't deserve to be charged so much and neither do any of these other people, we are the working class Americans that make your life smoother however your unconstitutional surcharges and BS fines lock me into a service that I am not happy with nor would like to be with. However I can do nothing about it without paying an absurd amount of money, $300 dollars? Let me put that in perspective, I'm 18, and I just turned 18, so people don't harass me for having a low paying job that's expected in this horrible economy. Anyways, $300 is half of what I earn a month. You are taking half of what I (and many others) earn a month, how do you go about parading "best customer service" when It's simply the fact that we can't leave?

I'm sure I am forgetting many many problems with the LG G2 which I'm sure many other owners will add, to the people in charge of the customer service department, you may want to read this as I believe it regards towards many of the concerns of your fellow customers.

My last and final thing to say is,

I AM SO SICK OF TALKING WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE SO I CAN SIMPLY GET A REPLY SAYING WE ARE WORKING ON THIS ISSUE AND SHOULD HAVE IT FIXED SOON. THAT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING FOR ME CAUSE I KNOW THAT IS A LIE, PLEASE MAKE A CHANGE HERE TO SATISFY NOT JUST ME, BUT ALL OF YOUR CUSTOMERS. AND AN IMMEDIATE ONE, why is it so much to ask to simply provide us with a decent service for $80 a month. I can honestly say my very short experience with Sprint Wireless has been absolutely terrible and I WILL be cancelling my plan with you once my contract ends. Thank you for ruining an important day in my life and making money even more of a problem to begin with.

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Re: LG G2 questions for Sprint and absolutely terrible customer service



Re: LG G2 questions for Sprint and absolutely terrible customer service

Id like to see what SPRINT has to say about this.


Re: LG G2 questions for Sprint and absolutely terrible customer service


Thank you for posting on our community forums, my apologies for the delayed response. We strive to provide world class customer service and it saddens me to hear of an experience such as the one you’ve had. I see you mentioned having issues with service, mind sharing the nearest cross street and zip code to your location? I would like to evaluate the towers your handset utilizes. In regards to the handset and your opinions towards it, I understand that after using the device sometimes an user might get accustomed to it and not like it. For this reason, Sprint offers a 14 day satisfaction guarantee, during this period we strongly suggest customers to utilize our service and the device to ensure that you are satisfied for the overall product, did you make us aware of the service issues or did you visit the store where the device was purchased during the 14 day time frame?


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Re: LG G2 questions for Sprint and absolutely terrible customer service

Bravo sir... Bravo. Very well said. Get you some of that Sprint!


Re: LG G2 questions for Sprint and absolutely terrible customer service


Thanks for the post, mind letting us know if there's something we can help you with?

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Re: LG G2 questions for Sprint and absolutely terrible customer service

Bravo... that sums up what Sprint is.... UNLIMITED DATA!!! but then again  whree the data conection???


Re: LG G2 questions for Sprint and absolutely terrible customer service

My experience with Sprint is a little different. Coverage is crappy and they constantly say the towers will be updated "within the next 6 months". At a Sprint store the manager said she could not authorize a booster and for me to call customer service and request one for better reception. When I called I was told one would be sent. Of course I misplaced the name. When I went back to the store to see if they could pull up my history- instead of waiting on the phone forever- the customer service rep said there would be a charge of +$100. I was shocked. This was the first I heard of it. Why the charge? Because I only have one line. Are you kidding me? I am single and don't need more than one line. What discrimination and what a run-around!  Needless to say I did not jump on the opportunity to pay for a service they should be providing. 

Sprint cannot deliver good service to existing customers. For the price my monthly bill is for the "one line" you would think I could get good reception at least where I live.


And the darn booster is not mine to keep anyway. The original CSR in the store ( the store manager) said to make sure the device is returned if I change carriers or move.  No problem with the changing carriers. I am counting the months until my contract expires. NEVER AGAIN.    In the meanwhile I am certainly compiling a nice history of problems. It takes the CRS quite a while to read everything when I drop by the store with , yet another, issue.


Re: LG G2 questions for Sprint and absolutely terrible customer service


Thank you for reaching out to us! We definitely do not want to see you leave. I am sorry to hear about the trouble you have been having. What specific service trouble are you having? Is it only happening in one place? Please share the zip and cross streets of the area you are experiencing this. We are here to help!

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