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My G2 Locks Up When Answering Phone


My G2 Locks Up When Answering Phone

To anyone that will listen,

I am about fed up with this phone (and Sprint).  I bought my LG G2 a few months ago ,brought it home and took a lot of time setting it up to my needs.  It worked VERY well and quite possibly the best phone I've had.  Flash forward a bit.  I updated my phone with the update that added Sprint Spark and that's when it broke.  When I would answer an incoming phone call, I would swipe the answer button and my phone would just freeze.  It would stop ringing and just freeze.  About 10 seconds later the phone starts responding again and I have a missed call.  This happened on most calls.  I found out that If I changed the settings to 3G only the problem was resolved (except that I couldn't use 4G).  So I called Sprint and they said to do a hard reset (which I did).  It didn't fix the issue.  So Sprint told me to contact LG or go to a Sprint repair store.  So I contacted LG and they said that it would take 5-7 days to fix my phone if I paid to ship it to them.  I don't know about anyone else but I cannot be without my phone for a week.  We live in a small town hours from any Sprint repair store.  So when we visited Las Vegas about a month ago, I went to a repair store there and after over an hour of waiting for someone, a Sprint representative named Matt called us up.  We showed him the issue and he started changing settings and couldn't figure it out but kept trying the same things over and over again until I asked for a manager.  He said "a manage can't do anything more than I can".  Please note that there was an issue with insurance where it didn't carry over from my old S2 Galaxy.  It seems that someone at Sprint dropped the ball on that one which took time to fix.  But we got that cleared up and FINALLY the manager gave my phone to a tech.  The tech looked at my phone and said that the Spark update broke it and that Spark was crap.  He also told me to never update a phone if it's working because it can break things.  Isn't it your rule to always update a phone if there is an update?   After a while of the tech trying to talk me into just accepting the phone the way it is, I demanded a new phone.  So he said okay and wandered behind the glass to mess with the new phone for 20 minutes.  He brought me back a new phone (I know it was new because it still had all of the protective plastic on it).  It wouldn't connect to 4G even though the settings let it.  I asked him about it and he said that LTE was down at that moment.  So I figured I got a new phone so issue should be resolved.  After that visit, my new phone would NEVER get a 4G connection.  I have read hear that the same has happened to others.  My beliefs are that the tech did something (after a new visit that I will discuss later, I think the tech changed the SIM card info in Sprints system to stop my phone from even getting a 4G signal even though the settings allowed it).  I was hoping that the KitKat update would resolve this issue.  SURPRISE!!  It didn't fix my issue.  I tried another hard reset which didn't fix anything.  So after about a month of leaving my phone set to 3G, we went back to Las Vegas last week and went back to the same store and waited over an hour for a tech.  We ended up getting Matt again.  OMG!  I didn't want to talk to him but I didn't want to wait around any longer (I'm busy), so he went through the same steps as before and changed settings and changed the same settings and rechecked to make sure the settings did change from the last time he changed it. After a good 40 minutes of fiddling, he said that the phone was fixed and showed me.  I told him to show me 4G working (which it wasn't) and he told me this (this is no joke):  "The 4G drops of on this side of the store".   I was getting angry so I went over to their demo G2's which both were connected to 4G, set my phone next to them and asked him what other excuse he had for me.  My phone was connected to 3G and the demo phones were on 4G.  He wanted to do a hard reset.  I told him that I have already done a hard reset on this phone and I wanted a tech to look at it.  He said that a hard reset the only thing to do at this point.  So I reluctantly told him to do it.  After the reset, it STILL didn't work.  Another surprise.  Finally he when to see a tech and came out in a couple of minutes saying that my phone was fixed.  Matt said that my SIM information was wrong in the system and the tech fixed it.  My phone was now connecting to 4G and the internet was fast.  So I set my phone up once again.  The next morning I got a phone call and when I went to slide the answer button over it froze up.  What!!??  This is the SAME problem that my first phone had.  What kind of operation are you running over there?  I love Sprint, don't get me wrong, but enough is enough.  This is the second phone with the same issue.  Now..  I don't want to sit for over two hours with another guy like Matt (Ive done this twice) at a store trying to get this fixed.  I, also, am NOT willing to lose my phone for a week.  I think that the many many hours of waiting at a store and setting up phones I spent was enough.   I don't buy that Sprint doesn't know anything about this issue because your techs ARE purposely breaking phones to mask this issue.  You people will shut my phone off if I miss my payment.   Why must I continue paying for service I don't get the service I pay for?  I don't want a canned response, I want answers.  I'm going to take this as high up as Sprint and cause a stink if I don't get a resolution right away.  At this point a different phone is probably in order.  It's a shame.  I like this phone otherwise.  I know...  I know..   "We're very sorry you're having issues" "You can switch phones only if you do it within 15 days"  "Tell me your cross streets so we can verify service" "Do a hard reset"  "Update you PRL"  "Update your profile"  "Is your phone updated"   I have done it all and then some.  I really don't want to hear that kind of crap.  All I want is my phone working like advertised.   I want to be connected to 4G and receive phone calls.  Is that too much to ask?  Otherwise, I want a phone that DOES do what I need. 

Just so yo know:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  -Albert Einstein

I don't want to do the same things over and over again.


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