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Product Ambassador: LG G2 – The new big boy on the block


LG and the Term Iconic device, LG has done quite a bit to change its image from low and mid tier android provider, to put itself in the running to be one of the top flight smartphone manufacturers on the market.  With the unveiling of the G2 and the forthcoming Nexus 5, LG has catapulted into the front running.  LG can now hangout with the big boys from Motorola, Samsung and HTC.  No longer are the devices ones you will make do with, the G2 after  weeks use will be a device you won’t want to live with out.  Before I have talked about the differences in devices in terms of cars.  You have Volvos, your daily safe driver that is efficient and does the things you need to do.  You have your Porsches fun little devices that can do all kinds of neat little things.  Now with the G2 I am adding a new category the Supercars.  The G2 can be closely compared to the McClaren for innovation, styling, and performance.  The device is a monster in the specs department.  Per LG


Equipped with a 2.26 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 Quad-Core Processor, the LG G2 is our most advanced smartphone yet. Play the latest games, watch full definition movies without hiccups, and experience a user interface that responds as fast as you can tap.”

Here is where things get a little different.  This device is more like what would happen if McClaren made a hybrid.  All of this power, and performance, and a the mileage to make it worth using.  Battery life is an important factor in the modern Smartphone race.  From Personal experiences I have made the battery on this beast last 72 hours with out a charge, this was with medium usage, no high end games.  With high end games and usage I still get 12 to 18 hours between charges.  That means all day performance, with out a worry.  Here is a little more on the Battery from LG

“SiO+ Battery

The LG G2’s specially engineered 3,000 mAh SiO+ battery was created to complement the phone’s slim, ergonomic shape and to impress with its long life. This high-density battery features a unique step design that provides maximum capacity in a slim form factor, enhanced with Silicon Oxide Plus technology for efficient power. “

In Short this device with its stylish design, 5.2 inch 1080P screen, Powerhouse processor, and all the bells and whistles is a sure sign that LG is here to play with the big boys, and they plan to stay there.

Jeremy the Product Ninja

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