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Sending text messages and trouble making calls


Sending text messages and trouble making calls

I have had so many issues with my lg g2 lately. It will not allow me to send text messages constantly! This is very frustrating and it has been doing this for over 2 weeks now. I took my phone to sprint and they did a soft reset on the phone and said that would solve the issue and it did but for only a couple hours. I have done everything possible from updating my phone to resetting it multiple times daily with this not doing anything. I also have calls drop on my constantly since this has happened. Also since I have got this phone people are constantly complaining that my calls sounding muffled and they get dropped before I can even make a call. Has anyone else had these issues and if so is there a way to fix them or do I just need to get a new phone? PLEASE HELP!!



I'm very sorry to see that you feel this way and that you are experiencing service issues. We understand how vital cellular service is and how frustrating interruptions in service can be. Rest assured we are here to help. Where do you experience these issues? If you can, please provide the zip code and closest intersecting cross streets of where you have these issues. With that information I can pinpoint the main towers you work off of and see if there is anything impacting your service. Keep us posted


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