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What I was just told about the KitKat Update.


What I was just told about the KitKat Update. all of the LG G2 users here, I just chatted with Sprint. I asked about the LG G2 getting KitKat and I was told that by the end of March is when we can except the update to start rolling out to us. There were problems with the rollout to the Galaxy S4s, so our update is being held off until the end of the month. Now granted, this just might have been said to me to appease me and to do a CYOA. But this is what I was told. Hopefully it is true and we will start to get the update then or sooner. Trust me...I'm taking this with ten pounds of rock salt. But hey...better than being told there is no news at this time.

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For those that don't know yet. Sprint has update the G2 software page showing KitKat. It's official.





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I saw it at about 2 AM this morning. Still haven't gotten a notification, but I'll probably wait to do it anyway. Been burned with upgrades before.


It's working fine so far and I got it within a couple hours of release.

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