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Worst Phone I've ever owned.


Worst Phone I've ever owned.

The phone it self is great. However, when it comes to all things connectivity, the phone it TERRIBLE! I can barely make phone calls, incoming phone calls go directly to voice mail, texts have a hard time sending out and data is nearly non-existent. Phone call quality is terrible. This phone has a heck of a time staying connected to Sprints network. It's a constant struggle. I never had these issues with my S3. Terrible phone on terrible service. I am so tempted to move over to Tmobile and have them pay my early termination fees.


Re: Worst Phone I've ever owned.

Are you posting to rant and complain or to get help? All your post does is clutter this forum.


Re: Worst Phone I've ever owned.


Let's see what we can do to assist you with getting better connection. Please provide your zip code, two cross streets and how you have the device set under Network Settings and how you have it set under Roaming.

Jon H.

Sprint Social Care Team
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