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Phone quits working


Phone quits working

3 times this week, my Vigor quit working.  No shut down, no re-start, just dead. It was working when I plugged it in last night and this morning, nothing, the alarm I had set did not go off.  (Luckily I woke myself up out of habit!)

It does not respond to the ON button, even when held down for 30 seconds.  Only when I remove the battery and put it back will it start up again, then it works fine. 


Re: Phone quits working

I am having similar issues to this. My Vigor is also freezing when charging, not running my alarms, and not displaying or receiving any messages or voicemails. If I restart my phone sometimes I will get all the messages that I had missed.

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong according to Sprint Zone's diagnostics and I have not added any new apps and I don't think app updates would cause this much dysfunction.

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