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Sprint Product Ambassadors: LG G3 Vigor Low Light Photos

Sprint Product Ambassador

I've been into photography since, well, forever, starting with an Olympus xA, moving on to pinhole photography, then into SLR's and DSLRs.  And I've been shooting cell phone pix since there were cameras on cell phones!

Low light has always been the bane of good photos, especially on small aperture and small sensor cameras - like on a cell phone.  But the LG G3 Vigor delivers surprising results!  Last Monday I was at my sons' Boy Scout Court of Honor and had a chance to shoot several photos during the ceremony - lit by a single candle, then a few, then many.  The 'Auto HDR' enhancement in the camera works well.  See for yourself!

(Side note - when you silence or set to vibrate the G3 Vigor, the camera shutter sound is silenced as well.  Very nice touch!)