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so how do I get this deal? (see pic)


so how do I get this deal? (see pic)

When I log into my account and select a line to upgrade, I see this:


But when I click on continue it changes and jumps up to $23/month.  What's the trick here?  

Right now I'm pretty unhappy with the selection of phones Sprint has available and the prices for the only two I would want (V20 or the S7 Edge).  I'm ready to jump over to Verizon, where my wife can get the Pixel for free with a trade in and I can get one for $10/month.  The only thing holding me back right now is the hassle of getting them to pay my ETF.  


If I could get the V20 at that $6.50 price that's showing here, I'd be very happy to stay with Sprint for a few more years. 


Re: so how do I get this deal? (see pic)

Hi BradHP76, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be your wireless provider, we appreciate your loyalty and do not want you to leave us. We are unable to see the image however, we will be glad to look into this and provide you with assistance.


Can you please send us a private message? Just click on my name and then select “send a message" Include your name, phone number, security PIN and a brief description of what your are seeing after selecting the line to upgrade.


Looking forward to your reply.



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