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Forget 5.0 ... Im still waiting for 4g


Forget 5.0 ... Im still waiting for 4g

lolol Forget Lollipop..

I'd rather have the unlimited 4gLTE that I pay for and have been promised by sprint is coming to my neighborhood (LI,NY) within the next 2 or 3 months.  This promise has been made over and over and over again ever since the Evo 4g.. ya know, the first 4g phone, and I have yet to see a stable connection that doesnt pop right back into 3g... sooo, moral of the story, take anything sprint or any other cellular service provider tells you with a grain of salt.

Furthermore, be careful what you all ask for... the unholy trifecta is upon us.  A cellular provider that wants to bloat your phone with their useless apps, a phone company that isnt exactly known for updating the software on their phones, and the wait for a piece of software that will probably have you regretting the download once its installed.

The grass isnt always greener,

but then again,

sometimes you have spent soo much time knee deep in crap that you cant even smell the stench anymore...

On a side note, did you all know india, which has the greatest divide of wealth and poverty pay significantly cheaper data rates for significantly faster service.  In fact, the USA pays some of the highest internet costs (mobile or otherwise) in return for inferior service and some of the slowest data transfer rates... Talk about wearing a sign on your arse that says "enter here".


Re: Forget 5.0 ... Im still waiting for 4g


I can definitely understand your frustration. Can you provided me with the cross streets and zip code to where you are experiencing these issues, I can better assist you with this information.

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